(Values and Skills for Life and Profession)

(Values and Skills for Life and Profession)


As an extension of counseling and guidance, we offer further hand holding by conducting in house capacity building program imparting values and skills which is mostly consisting of WHO suggested life skills and employment-oriented skills like functional English, Basic Computers, Retail and Customer Relationship, Tally, Front Desk Operation etc., with firm job placement to under employed young men and women (18 – 35 yrs) from economically weaker sections with a special focus towards rural, semi-urban Karnataka, migrant youth and from the slums of Bengaluru.  Thus, creating dignified livelihood alternatives and self-reliant individuals.





    Case-Study 1 


    Personal and Family details:-

    Kirankumar aged 24 years, studying L.L.B in KLE Law College, from Kolar district, stays in a backward community hostel near Majestic in Bangalore. His parents work on daily wages. His sister is a lecturer in a private college.

    It is evident that he is from a poor family background. He works for a news agency to meet his educational expenses. He is a very bright student. He has participated in debates and theatre.

    He responded to an announcement of Sa-mudra Foundation in Prajawani and came to get counseled. After our counselor
    interacted with him the following the problems were identified:

    • Needs improvement in English communication
    • Family and property issues
    • Lack of computer skills
    • Monetary issues
    • Anxiety and stress

    Sa-mudra Response:-

    • Due to lack of communication and computer skills, he was enrolled in Moulya Koushalya course.
    • His attendance was poor due to personal problems; therefore mid-day meal was arranged for him and made convenient for him to attend the class regularly.
    • To overcome his anxiety and stress, Relaxation techniques were taught.
    • Time management techniques were taught.

    Follow-up and Present situation:-

    Presently Kiran is attending Moulya-Koushalya course after finishing his college hours. As he is offered lunch here, he is saving time from going to the hostel. Later he attends his part-time job. He has learnt computer skills like WORD, EXCEL, PPT, and INTERNET. He has learnt to converse in English with everyone here

    Case-Study 2

    Beneficiary Name:-Priyanka M. Narayankar

    Personal and Family details:-

    Priyanka is a Graduate from uttar Karnataka district. She got married 7 months ago to Pradeepkumar, who works in a private
    firm.She stays in a joint family.Through a friend; she got to know about Sa-mudra and came here with her father-in-law.
    After speaking to the counselor, we found that she lacked some useful skills.

    • Priyanka studied in Kannada medium and she was feeling inferior and difficult to adjust to the Bangalore environment.
    • As she is from a village background, adjustment problem was evident.
    • Communication was a problem
    • Sometimes she used to get angry, sometimes she used to be quiet. She was not stable.
    • She portrayed contrasting emotions of anger and silence and was unstable.

    Response from Sa-mudra:-

    As Priyanka was lacking in communication skills she was asked to enroll in Moulya-Koushalya course. First she was very
    adamant to join. She used to show her attitude towards teachers and her classmates. She refrained from completing the tasks given. She also refused attending classes.

    Our CEO, counselor and her friends have put enormous effort to bring a change in her attitude. Students who could understand her and be friendly with her were grouped together to complete the tasks and carryout the activities. Whenever she was absent, her problems were\identified and solved. Her husband and father-in-law were counseled to give her support and develop positive thinking. She was also informed about how others feel when she behaves in an unseemly way.

    Follow-up and Present situation:-

    • A positive and pleasant change has been noted in her behavior
    • By interacting with her friend Dhanushree, who has god communication skills Priyanka has improved her communication skills.
    • Priyanka husband was very impressed with her improvements and he has volunteered in the #Love-Life campaign.