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About Us

Sa-Mudra Foundation is a not for profit organisation,registered under Indian Trust Act working for the empowerment of youth through counselling and capacity building both at preventive and curative stages of their life. Sa-Mudra has impacted positively in the lives of around 1,02,211 people since 2008. Sa-Mudra signifies ‘A configuration for perfect personality’

Sa-Mudra in Sanskrit means a coherent, disciplined spiritual self-identity.

Sa-Mudra Means the sea of knowledge that signifies dynamism and the depth of life, a configuration of personalities .

Sa-Mudra helps youth to swim through the atmospheric ocean of life .

Why Sa-Mudra?

Sa-Mudra believes in the fact that our country needs inclusive growth – The underprivileged and deprived sections of our society need to go miles before integrating with the mainstream. Youth belonging to these sections need to be groomed to get acceptability.

This happens through acquiring better life skills, language skills, value systems, use of technology and employable vocational skills which changes the profile of the youth enabling them to join the mainstream, along with a stable and sustainable income .

Team Sa-Mudra helps youth to swim through ocean of life with a specific focus on self worth realization and ‘Employability’ rather than ‘Employment’.Today’s youth are struggling to lead a holistic and contented life .

Our Commitments

Way Forward

Develop YUVAHELPLINE to 24 ×7 call response center

Branch out Yuva Help Line to all District of Karnataka

Exam Oriented Workshops in 100 schools Rural Bangalore

Harmony home to rehabilitate/empower drop out youth from poor rural communities

Carry campaign # LOVE-LIFE to prevent suicide among youth across India