SA-MUDRA FOUNDATION is a non profit organization, registered under Indian Trust Act working for youth and women wellness and empowerment through emotional, social and economic wellness initiatives both at preventive and curative stages of their life with a special focus on helping youth to handle failures, disappointments, depression and suicidal tendencies due to high impulsivity Psycho social injuries like failures in academic, career and personal crisis with approachability to life issues among unemployed, under employed, employable poor youth coming from rural and semi urban communities, including the migrants. We have impacted positively in the lives of around 1,80,000 people (youth, students, parents, teachers, trainers, counsellors, NGOs, colleges and institutions) since 2008 SA-MUDRA means – a configuration for perfect positive personality which is precisely what we as a team strive to build among youth of our state. This herculean task is impossible without support of our Donors, Supporters, Volunteers. Every rupee of your donation is utilised towards counselling, therapy, life skills and livelihood development among unemployed, under employed men & women from poorer communities and further the cause of promoting positive preventive mental health and saving young lives.

All donations are eligible for tax savings under 80G.

Thanks & Regards,

Bharathi Singh,
Founder and Managing Trustee,

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