SA-MUDRA has launched the  #lovelife  campaign to educate the public about the youth mental health by… Addressing the growing tendencies of self-harm among the younger generation. Highlighting ways to identify distress signals and offer help to save lives.

Reaching out to young people plagued by anxiety by creating awareness about the help available at both the preventive and curative stage.

It has been scientifically proven that Art heals the Heart, when people suffering from mental situations heal faster with creative pursuits than those without creative pursuits. 

Any form of art that a person engages in can magically boost self-confidence, give wings to the imagination, and help solve problems. 

A creative wing of SA -MUDRA FOUNDATION has adopted art forms like dance, theatre, music, handicrafts, modern art workshops, face painting, seminars, human chains and street plays to create awareness about the importance of youth mental health. 

This wing is the most popular among the colleges and attracts the attention and participation of a large crowd.